Selection of various design works from 2012 to present.




Web & App

Here is a selection of different works I’ve done in the past for various clients but also as a personal exercise. Most of the projects presented here haven’t been launched or are just little parts of what I’ve done in some larger freelance missions (NDA constraints you know it well, right ?!).

CHAP 1.0

Octogon quotes

If you've read my about page, you already know that I love Mixed Martial Arts. Since few years I'm a huge fan of Octogon Podcast, the best French MMA podcast. I like it because the two guys who run it gives great expertise about the news and events but also because they are fun to listen. I've built a little place to save (and share with people) all the punchlines they throw in each episode because some of them are quite epic 🙂

Don't hesitate to visit OctogonQuotes and have fun!

CHAP 2.0

Dashboard for 
Jaguar Network

Jaguar Networks is a french company specialized in IT services like Cloud computing, IP telephony, colocation data centers, virtualization technologies etc.
In 2012 I have help them to redesign a part of their web app backend.

CHAP 3.0

Dashboard for

Pilot is a product made by a french startup. It brings simple tools for publishers to regain control over production flow: publishing on multiple channels, organize actions etc.
I’ve proposed a design solution for a backend dashboard (not retained). 

CHAP 5.0

iOS app for La Banque Postale

This is a little personal exercise that has come from an upset to use the poorly design of my bank iOS app.
I’ve spent some hours to think about what could be improved and came up with few pages. 
Since that time, the app has now been improved and it looks much better than the old version.

CHAP 6.0

URL shortener mac application

There are few services to shrink URLs but none of them offer a nice user experience. As a personal exercise, I’ve tried to think about what I would love to use and designed it. You could download the .psd here if you want to.

Note: Animation made with Photoshop (early 2014)

CHAP 7.0

Personal redesign of 
webpage screenshot

I sometimes have the need to take full page height screenshots. To do so, I use a little Chrome plugin call « Webpage screenshots ». In 2014 I wanted to redesign the whole plugin interface (as a personal training) because I thought the design could be improved.