I'm a screwdriver for most people.
For the other, I just “make websites”.

But, as a designer, I would say I'm just a problem solver.

My desktop

Where do you live?

After few years in the beautiful Marseille (south of France), I decided to go wild and move to the Ardeche landscape 5 years ago. Now, I live in a tiny town surrounded by nature and I have to say that I love it, the move was definitely worth it.

Do you code?

Even if I know how to code in HTML/CSS (I’ve code this Semplice website on my own), I don’t provide this kind of service.  But you know what? I know a bunch of great people much better than I am, who would be glad to help if needed! 

What tools are you using?

I try to keep an eye on the interface design industry evolution because it’s moving lightening fast. My tools always change because I like to test new stuff. At the moment I use Figma or Sketch for interface design, Photoshop for image processing, Invision for presentation, Dropbox for sharing and  Mail / Slack / Skype whatever to communicate daily with my teammates. Communication is key right ?!

Something besides design?

Sure ! Besides my work, I’m digging the blockchain ecosystems since few years, buying my first Bitcoin in 2015. Decentralization is the core this Web 3.0 revolution. Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, NFT, DAO, Metaverse... and Web 3 Communities of course... I find it exhilarating to have the chance to live in real time the birth of a new paradigm. Oh, and as a dad, needless to say that my two daughters need a lot of time too!

Side projects?

Sure ! During the past years I've spent lots of hours to "work" beside my daily work. I was part of the Sidebar team, co-creator and team member of Profession Mutants podcast, a Youtube podcast about web workers. I’ve written a book about type legibility on screen, and I've spoken to design conferences in public or for design students.

What about career opportunities?

I would love to work for Web 3 oriented projects as I'm spending a lot of time digging into this environment. I think I have a good overall understanding of the multiple facets of this ecosystem. I’m open to freelance gig or long term contract opportunities (on remote only as I don’t want to leave my daughters).