I'm a screwdriver for most people.
For the other, I just “make websites”.

But, as a designer, I would say I'm just a problem solver.

My desktop

Where do you live?

After few years in the beautiful Marseille (south of France), I decided to go wild and move to the Ardeche landscape 2 years ago. Now, I live in a tiny town surrounded by nature and I have to say that I love it, the move was definitely worth it.

Do you code?

Even if I know how to code in HTML/CSS (I’ve code this Semplice website on my own), I don’t provide this kind of service.  But you know what? I know a bunch of great people much better than I am, who would be glad to help if needed! 

What tools are you using?

I try to keep an eye on the interface design industry evolution because it’s moving lightening fast. My tools always change because I like to test new stuff. At the moment I use Sketch for interface design, Photoshop for image processing, Principle and Invision for prototyping, Zeplin to create style guides, Dropbox for sharing and a good old' mail client to communicate.

Something besides design?

Sure ! I’m kinda curious and I like to learn. Trying to think outside the box, I’m interrested in global alternatives on multiple subjects (Education, Ecology, Politic etc.). Beside that, I’m also a MMA addict, a lockpicking practitioner and yes, I like the quantum physics related stuff (even if I don’t understand it). And, of course, my two little girls takes me lot of time too !

Side projects?

Sure ! I’m part of the Sidebar team, I’ve brought the idea and help created The Walking Web, the first French web design podcast, I’ve written a book about type legibility on screen, I was an author for the Sooon project by Adobe and Fotolia.

What about career opportunities?

I would love to work for human-related projects: Health, education, environment, social stuff etc. Besides that, I’m open to freelance gig or long term contract opportunities (on remote only as I don’t want to leave my kids).